Практики адвокатського об’єднання «Павленко і Партнери»

Corporate law

  • registration of securities emission, consultancy services for shareholders;
  • consultations on securities transactions;
  • representation of issuer’s interests before shareholders, third parties, including state bodies.

Mergers and acquisitions

  • legal support in the course of establishment and state registration of joint stock companies;
  • dealing with the issues of corporate governance;
  • conducting of due diligence, preparation of shareholders agreements.

Real estate, Construction and Land law

  • legal support of transactions concerning the alienation of real property;
  • due diligence of sale and purchase agreements;
  • preparation of legal documents for the state registration of property rights.

Dispute resolution / Litigation

  • prior analysis of claims, assessment of trial perspectives in various fields of law;
  • representation of interests in courts, mainly administrative and commercial ones, in relations;
  • protection of goodwill, personal non-property and property rights, compensation for moral damages.

Administrative practice

  • legal support in the course of our clients’ obtaining licences and other permissive documents;
  • compliance analysis regarding the requirements of licences and permits;
  • appealing against the authorities decisions under administrative and judicial procedures.


  • legal due diligence of a company at the stages of bankruptcy procedure initiation/conduct;
  • oral and written consultations on issues related to the procedure of bankruptcy;
  • representation of creditor’s/ debtor’s interests in the course of bankruptcy procedure.

Family law, Inheritance law and Labour law

  • legal support in the process of marriage contract conclusion;
  • representation of client’s interests during divorce and division of joint property;
  • representation of client’s interests in the course of awarding alimony.

Criminal law

  • materials analysis of criminal cases and help with evidence collection;
  • protection of client’s interests in the course of pre-trial investigation;
  • protection of client’s interests at all stages of criminal prosecution.

Intellectual property

  • legal support of intellectual property rights registration;
  • legal support in the course of intellectual property rights purchase;
  • drafting of license contracts and intellectual property rights transfer agreements.