Dispute resolution/ Litigation

Experts of Pavlenko & Patrners, Attorneys at Law, judicial department have many years’ experience in the field of judicial and extrajudicial dispute settlement.

Our experience

Careful analysis and assessment of trial perspectives make it possible for us to find effective solutions to our clients’ problems and save their time and money.

The team of Pavlenko & Patrners, Attorneys at Law, consists of highly qualified lawyers possessing professional knowledge in various fields of law and being able to effectively protect clients’ interests in commercial, tax, and administrative disputes as well as in family, civil, and criminal cases.

Main services provided in this field include:

  • prior analysis of claims, assessment of trial perspectives in various fields of law;
  • representation of interests in courts, mainly administrative and commercial ones, in relations with bodies of state and local self-government, representation in civil and criminal cases.
  • protection of goodwill, personal non-property and property rights, compensation for moral damages.

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