Congress of translators of Lublin region of Poland

On the 18 of April, 2015 in Lublin (Poland) was hosted the Congress of translators of Lublin province. This year, the key theme of the congress was - the role of a translator in legal practice. During the congress the quality of translation during court cases, ethical issues of translator’s profession and improving the translation skills were discussed.

Nataliіa Yakibchuk – a lawyer of AL "Pavlenko and partners", was a key speaker and held a training seminar for the translators of East-Slavic languages during the Congress of translators of Lublin province. During the seminar, Mrs. Yakibchuk revealed the basic provisions of the legal system of Ukraine and its key differences from the Polish model, described the structure of the judicial system, the stages of the trial, analysis of the judicial decisions.

During the East-Slavic language sections Vitalii Bilyi - vice consul of consulate General of Ukraine in Lublin, made a talk. He acquainted the translators with the main issues that the consulate decides.

This year, there were six language sections on the Congress: English, French, Italian, Dutch, German and East-Slavic, during which the representatives of leading law firms and chambers of commerce presented the differences between the judicial systems of European countries.